Taking the next step in your edtech journey with RiskIT

Abderrahmane Benjeddi (Ben, for short) was a teacher with an idea.
In fact, he’s still a teacher, but Ben is also the founder of RiskIT – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping schools and teachers put a framework in place for education technology improvement.
RiskIT was formed from the idea that investing in technology solutions for the classroom is a risk worth taking. In recent months, schools have faced unprecedented challenges and the role of technology in education has risen to the fore as students learning from home temporarily became the norm.
Ben believes that now, more than ever, it is vital that schools make wise investments into education technologies that can support not only lesson delivery but offer value throughout school life.
RiskIT is about more than just guiding education technology investments, though. Crucially, the RiskIT framework gives schools a range of options for each stage in their edtech journey, with suggestions on which path to take.

Using RiskIT alongside the Naace Self Review Framework

Naace’s Self Review Framework (SRF) is another tool that schools can use to guide their edtech development, drilling down into key areas from lesson delivery and e-safety through to administration.
The SRF helps schools to assess their current performance in relation to technology, and gives them specific objectives to aim for to achieve improvement.
This is where RiskIT can fit hand-in-hand with the SRF. Through RiskIT, Ben has provided situational advice that schools can use to work towards the objectives detailed in the SRF.
Commenting on RiskIT’s partnership with Naace, Ben said: “Naace’s resources, the Self Review Framework included, offer a great deal of value to teachers – and RiskIT can enhance that support. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for schools, and I’m sure we can provide a great deal of effective advice together.”

Ultimately, one of the key tenets of both Naace and RiskIT is the importance of sharing best practice. By working together, schools and teachers can learn from one another and discuss the best ways to approach common challenges.
Naace is excited to be working alongside RiskIT and providing schools with a number of routes to receiving quality advice for their education technology endeavours.

To learn more about RiskIT, please visit the website