The Naace Self Review Framework

What the Self Review Framework can do for you:

  • Is your school striving to improve its technology provisions?
  • Do you have a technology strategy in place?
  • Are you making the most of the education technology available in your classroom?

If your answer to any of these questions was “no”, or perhaps “I’m not sure”, you are not alone. Up and down the country, teachers are recognising the potential for education technology to improve teaching and learning experiences; but that doesn’t mean that edtech usage always runs smoothly.

The Naace Self Review Framework (SRF) is designed to help you – both on an individual level and within your school – understand and implement your technology strategy.

We can split it into three stages:

1.Understand where your school is in terms of technology
Using the guidance in the SRF, you can pinpoint how effectively your school is using edtech in a few key areas (we call them ‘Elements’), including ‘Teaching and learning with technology’ and ‘Assessment of digital capability’.

The SRF uses a scoring system which will help you to identify what you’re doing currently in each area, with examples to help you contextualise any advice.

2.Plan how to improve your technology provisions and practice
By taking a look at the different levels within the SRF Elements and deciding where you stand currently, you can aim towards the next level and see what you need to do to achieve it. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the information in the SRF is easy to digest, so you won’t feel like you’re wading through paperwork.

You can use the different Elements in the SRF to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. What you do with this information is up to you – you might like to create a short, medium and long-term action plan, or think about integrating technology more closely into your school’s overall strategy.

3.Record your progress
If you choose to use the SRF Online tool, you can record your progress in each area within the framework. You can keep a personal record, but you will also be able to invite your colleagues to contribute, so everybody that’s involved with your school’s edtech can pitch in to ensure it’s as accurate as possible.

Once you’re excelling in all areas of edtech, the SRF Online tool will also enable you to apply for the NaaceMark award. The NaaceMark award is representative of the modern curriculum delivery available to all students. By displaying the school’s achievement, you can demonstrate to parents and governors how your school is committed to enhancing teaching and learning through technology.

You can access the text-based version of the Naace Self Review Framework free of charge by becoming a Naace member.

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