The Self-Review Framework: A springboard for your school edtech strategy

The role of education technologies has never been more important than we are experiencing now. Edtech has been a huge enabler in facilitating home learning which has allowed students to continue to access education in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. In the Naace COVID-19 Education Impact Report, a staggering 61 percent of respondents agreed their school will now change its approach to technology. Feedback trends showed that where schools did not have a robust edtech strategy in place, the shift to home learning was more of a challenge.

Every school is in a different place on their edtech journey and the development of their strategy - no two schools are alike. The most important things are, that progress is being made, you have guidance and support, and can evidence your progress. Educators are extremely busy and time is precious, so the overarching management of edtech strategies can naturally fall in the list of priorities. Recognising the extensive value in having an active strategy, Naace continues to work with schools to deliver the Self-Review Framework.

For over twenty years the Naace Self-Review Framework has been underpinning the success of many schools in the adoption of technology. Over 14,000 schools have taken advantage of the framework. Throughout this time it has been updated many times to evolve with the development of edtech and its implementation in schools.

The Self-Review Framework supports schools with three key elements:

  • Understanding where they are in their technology strategy
  • Planning the next stages of their technology strategy
  • Recording their progress

Philip Blackburn, Naace Chair, said: “The Self-Review Framework is an incredibly useful tool for schools to refine their edtech strategies. It is flexible in its approach and designed by a group of professionals with a wealth of experience in education. Beyond this, schools with membership have access to some of the best minds in edtech in the UK to help elevate technology provisions - most importantly, enhancing teaching and learning experiences and improving outcomes.”

Schools who have worked through the Self-Review Framework also have the opportunity to apply for the NaaceMark Award and the Third Millennium Learning Award (3MLA) - both unique demonstrations of excellence in the adoption of education technologies and a celebration of achievements.

In the late Autumn term, we made some changes to the Self-Review Framework to mirror changes in practice in schools since the last update in 2018. These changes, which include more guidance for remote education, have now been implemented. For more information on the changes made, guidance on renewing your account, or becoming a new member, visit this page. If you have any further queries or would like a conversation with a member of our team, please email us at