The Board of Management

Steve Moss
(Board member since Jan 2017)

Steve is the Chair of Naace’s Board of Management, and is a long-standing supporter of the association. Steve first became a member of Naace in 1988 and was Chair of the association from 1998-99. He was co-opted to the Board again in 2017, and has served as Chair since then. It is safe to say that Steve is as committed to improving education technology provisions as anybody you could find.
Steve has dedicated his career to education and edtech, having held teacher and headteacher roles as well as school advisor and local authority positions – this is, of course, by no means an exhaustive list.
Acting as Chair for the Board, Steve helps guide Naace strategically and ensures that the association is doing all it can to make a difference in the edtech sector. His insight continues to be extremely valuable to Naace.

Donna Vaughan
Vice Chair
(Board member since March 2016)

Donna is the Vice Chair of Naace’s Board of Management, and a key driver of progress within the association. Throughout her career, Donna has worked with education professionals and school leadership teams to help them develop realistic, strategic approaches to digital learning and edtech.
Donna’s desire to empower those around her is unparalleled, and is manifest in her commitment to seeking solutions which give schools flexibility in their choice of service and delivery. She is more than capable of managing projects on a large scale – just one of the things which first recommended her as a member of the Naace Board.
Self-identified as a lifelong learner, Donna understands the value of keeping an open mind. She holds a Masters degree in e-learning, and specialises in building online communities of practice.
To say that Donna is committed to education and edtech can only be an understatement. Donna brings positivity and passion into everything Naace does, and she will always ensure that the association is doing the right thing for practitioners on the ground.

Philip Blackburn
Vice Chair
(Board member since May 2018)

Phil has been a Naace member for 25 years, and recently stepped up to join the Board of Management. Phil’s support has long underpinned all that Naace has sought to achieve, and his development into one of the most sagacious members on the Board is to the credit of the association.
Having spent nearly 20 years working in a local authority capacity, Phil has a perceptive knowledge of the support that can really make a difference to schools. He has championed a pragmatic approach to edtech progress throughout his career, and continues to do so for Naace.
Phil has also been instrumental in helping Naace to sharpen the effectiveness of the Self Review Framework and NaaceMark Award – his belief in the potential of Naace to help schools is truly admirable.
Often the first to bring new ideas and strategies to the table, Phil’s position on the Board helps to drive the association forwards every day.

Dr. Christina Preston
(Board member since Jan 2019)

Christina joins the Naace Board of Management from an academic background, offering the association a great deal of insight into research about education technology and also effective professional development programmes for teachers. As a professor of education innovation she brings an international slant to Naace as she has worked with teachers and researchers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Syria. This led her to create a professional organisation, MirandaNet, which seeks to explore the integration between edtech learning and practice through practice-based research.Christina has plenty of experience in providing advice – both academic and practical – to curious education practitioners. Her ability to deliver such advice is to her credit, and she has consistently offered a similar level of wisdom to Naace itself.
As the Editor of Naace’s Advancing Education Journal, Christina plays a pivotal role for the association in organising, collecting and reviewing relevant academic material which will benefit the association’s membership. Having been a member of Naace for nearly 25 years, Christina is well-placed to sit on the association’s Board of Management. Often approaching discussions from a different perspective to her fellow Board members, Christina’s input is nothing short of indispensable.

Laurence Boulter
(Board member since Jun 2018)

Laurence began his career by training as an art teacher, but never quite got around to teaching the subject in the 35 years he spent as an educator! Coupling his lengthy teaching tenure with 20 years of experience in school leadership roles, Laurence joins the Naace Board of Management well-versed in the practitioner’s perspective on education.
In the latter half of his career, Laurence has driven himself to become a specialist in ICT and computing, and is able to directly support schools with their IT strategies. Laurence’s teaching background has left him keenly aware of the benefits technology can bring, both in terms of student engagement and in reducing teacher workload.
Committed to keeping his finger on the pulse when it comes to education and edtech, Laurence regularly publishes articles on contemporary issues and trends in the sector.
As a member of the Board, Laurence regularly weighs in with his experience as a practitioner, and is incredibly good at keeping grounded a group often prone to pontificating.

Ji Li
(Board member since April 2017)

Ji joins the Naace Board of Management with a tremendous track record for edtech entrepreneurship. Ji has experience in communicating edtech to individuals and organisations throughout the education sector which, coupled with his businesses management experience, is extremely beneficial to Naace.
An invaluable member of the Board, Ji is always happy to pitch in and offer his expertise wherever it may be of use. Whether he’s debating the direction of Naace or managing some of the association’s key projects, you can be certain that Ji is thinking of what’s best for education practitioners.
Ji is as dedicated to edtech as anybody you could hope to meet, and Naace is privileged to call him one of our own.

Ed Fairfield
(Board member since Jan 2019)

Ed joins the Naace Board of Management armed with a wealth of commercial experience in the education sector, as leader of the marketing arm of an edtech company. Ed works with the big edtech brands to support education professionals on a daily basis. He knows the challenges involved and the benefits technology brings to education.
As a father of two and husband to a busy headteacher, Ed is intimately aware of what technology has to offer to young people and teachers alike. His children keep him up to date with all the latest in the digital world – whether he likes it or not!
Ed is committed to ensuring schools receive accurate information about edtech, that they make informed choices and have access to the right training and advice.
Ed leads on Naace’s relationships with Sponsoring Partners to bring together members and suppliers. The result is more access, better understanding and improved outcomes. A driven and enthusiastic member of the Board, Ed is representative of all things Naace.