A spotlight on educator opinions of remote learning during COVID-19

Over 1,000 educators from around the UK have contributed to the Naace COVID-19 Education Impact Report, providing a valuable insight into educator perceptions of teaching and learning during the onset of the pandemic. In what has been a turbulent year, educators have demonstrated a continued adaptability and resilience which has further reaffirmed the value of education.

The report explores the role of edtech during the pandemic as well as wider educational issues including safeguarding and wellbeing. Educators were also given an opportunity to provide open feedback on their experiences.

Some of the findings include:

  • 79 percent of educators surveyed are confident using their edtech skills to support home learners.
  • 87 percent of respondents agreed they had learnt new skills using edtech.
  • 63 percent of participants believe no more than 60 percent of their students are engaged in home learning.
  • 61 percent of educators agreed their school will now change its approach to technology.

While educators fully recognise the value of education technology in delivering remote learning and have made notable efforts to improve their edtech skills, student engagement continues to be a challenge. Another area of concern for schools was where students had limited access to hardware or the internet, this became a significant barrier to learning. Educators overwhelmingly reported they had good access to technology, however, in the majority of cases they were using personal devices at home.

Educators told us:

  • “ I have learned new skills and used new resources that I will carry on using."
  • Department Lead, Secondary.
  • "We need more computers for our children... desperately, if disadvantaged children are to stand a chance during lockdown."
  • Senior Leadership, Primary.
  • "A lot of those who did not engage had the technology but chose to not do the work."
  • Class Teacher, Secondary.

It is hoped educators and suppliers will use the findings of the report to start conversations about how to enhance offerings through the winter period.

What does Naace do?
Naace is the national association for education technology, a community made up of teachers, school leaders, consultants and commercial partners who share a vision for developing the role of technology in education. As the voice of the UK edtech community, Naace supports individuals and groups in the education sector by providing access to resources, research, expertise and professional development opportunities.

As part of membership, schools get access to the Self-Review Framework to help evaluate their edtech strategies, track progress and plan for the future. Schools that successfully adopt the Self-Review Framework can then go on to be awarded with the NaaceMark status or Third Millenium Learning Award.

Learn more about Naace and read the full Naace COVID-19 Education Impact Report here