Naace publishes a series of publications, developed to address the ongoing needs of schools – the Naace eGuides.

Naace believes that technology has a major role to play in raising standards in learning across the curriculum, provided teachers know how to adapt their pedagogies in order to maximise the potential gains offered by learning technologies.

The eGuides help teachers to do that.

There are three categories of eGuides:

  • The Technology Across the Curriculum eGuides – show how to use technology creatively and effectively to make significant impacts on learning and standards in other curriculum areas.
  • The Computing eGuides – cover key aspects of the subject outside Computer Science.
  • Technology Management & School Leadership eGuides – support school leaders in the strategic deployment of technology.

We are always looking for new eGuides to be added to library. If you would like produce an eGuide or further support this work please email

Alongside these eGuides, you'll find a host of other useful curriculum resources to help support the delivery of education technology within your school!

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